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beste sex lube kvinner escourt

I contacted every brand and manufacturer of flavored lubes and invited them to be part of The Great Lube Taste or having the best sex Escort for Your.
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Watermelon — Wet — Flavored. Log in or sign up in seconds. Still, her top choice is silicone—either dimethicone or dimethiconol and not other types of silicone—because they do not absorb into the skin. Obviously in the course of events the girls end up swallowong some of the lube so I use food grade edible ones. Not all stores have samples you can taste.
Has a slick, luxurious glide that goes beyond the usefulness of just an oral sex lubricant. August, thanks for your endorsement of the Aloe Cadbra lubes. The artificial semen lube is the best feeling. This comes close to real strawberry flavor, but it lacks sweetness and juiciness. Boy Butter is made of coconut oil and an organic silicone whipped together into something that resembles a soft, nice smelling, butter-like product. Very runny, drippy consistency. Just be careful, some people may be allergic.